The  Charleston CoolBus
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Making Payment
During the reservation process we will ask many questions including "how would you like to pay for this". Everything is based on $180.00 / hr  (minimums may apply) plus a 20% Driver fee.  We require half of the expected cost to be paid as your deposit.  Your deposit (50% of the estimated cost) will be applied towards the actual cost of your bus.  Your deposit is completely refundable up to 15 days before your reservation date.  If, for whatever reason,  you need / want to cancel your reservation within 15 days of your reservation date and we can not re-book your reserved time slot - your deposit will not be returned.  PLEASE be aware and mindful of when your deposit is no longer refundable
We will close out your credit card file the next business day after your reservation.  This allows for a couple things - if you do not have the cash to cover the balance, or if you decide to extend your time on the bus...these issue can easily resolved without putting a damper on your night.  It also allows for any damage or accidents that may happen on the bus to be addressed without embarrassment or judgment.

***For special occasions we may require "payment in full" before confirming a reservation. 
***On extremely busy nights, your pick up and drop times will only be held for 15 minutes.

***Our pricing, estimation, deposit required, etc... is based solely on past experience and is not a
    judgment of future performance - we will work with you the best we can - but we've heard it all. 
Unlike a limo service, we do not usually wait for you outside while you eat, drink or watch a show - nor do you pay for that either. 
You are only billed for the time you are actually on the bus (or the time spent waiting for you to get on/off the bus) - but minimums will apply.

So before we can reserve your bus we will ask the following: 
    Times, dates and pick up & drop off addresses
             (example: Friday, Feb 17th pick up Wild Dunes, Isle of Palms at 7:00pm going to Upper                 King St, returning 11:30pm)
    How many people - 14 Max (State Law)
    What is the event -  Concert, Birthday dinner... 

Once you have that all figured out, just call, text or e-mail and we can confirm availability and reserve your bus

                                                                   SC State law limits us to 14 passengers.

Cash is always accepted - but it's hard to pay your deposit over the phone with cash.  So, we accept Visa and Master Card (we use Square to process our cards). 
A typical concert pick up / drop off service will cost $350.00 plus 20% ( a max of 2 hrs bus time). You will be asked to post a 50% deposit ($210.00) at the time of reservation, and than pay the balance ($210.00) at time of pick up.  We can not process credit cards on the bus - we will email an invoice to you. Once paid, you will be put on our calendar.  Invoices time out after 48hrs - this prevents the calendar being filled with "holds" and preventing others from being able to reserve a bus. 

20% Driver Fee will be added to all services (gratuity)
the tip is already in there 

A typical Night on the CoolBus looks something like this
Well fed and ready to roll at 9:00pm (pick up was at 6:00, went to the dueling piano show at Fill),
 some stuff happened on the bus along the way (names changed to protect the...), 
And to finish the night was 28" of redemption from Benny's Palmetto - the only pizza place still open at 2:00.
But they all made it back to the island safely, and last I heard - all survived  
No - Danny Rayburn from Bloodlines does not work for us!